Digital Credential Case Studies

Find the latest digital credentialing case studies in our library.

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What is the purpose of this site?

This site hosts a collection of links to digital credential case studies from a variety of different platform providers, brand names, and industry types. The case studies provide real-life applications of digital credentials and how they made a difference to the target organization. For more information, read our guide to What Is A Case Study or start browsing the library.

Who is this site for?

This site is intended to serve organizations of all sizes looking at digital credentials as part of their digital transformation with the aim to:

  • Switch to digital credentials from physical credentials
  • Replace PDF certificates with digital credentials
  • Introduce digital credentials to students
  • Introduce digital credentials for internal training
  • Recognize association membership with digital credentials

Use this website to find case studies that inform the digital credentialing journey from similar organizations including what was achieved, how it was achieved, and what results were accomplished after implementation.

How to use this site

For those just getting started in case study analysis, the library can seem a bit overwhelming but the process of finding the most relevant information is simple. The following detail is provided in the overview for each case study:

  • Target organization name
  • Publishing platform name
  • Industry
  • Topic
  • Short synopsis

Use this information to filter and identify which case studies are most relevant to the organization’s intentions for switching to digital credentials, then follow the link to read the case study.